Hatta Pools

The town of Hatta right now can only be reached by a huge detour, because the Omani border crossing point has been closed. Please contact our office first to see if we can get you to Hatta.

The town of Hatta is an Emirati enclave located in Oman, surrounded by the barren mountain range of Hajar. The Wadis fill up with crystal clear water after rain making bathing a fantastic experience. There is a heritage village in the the town with about 60 different reconstructed traditional mountain dwellings. The old village of Hatta includes two prominent military towers from the 18th century and the Juma mosque, built in 1780.

– Driving among the mountains, fields and wadis
– Wading in the wadis (gullies)
– Hatta Pools  – you can bath and swim here in the rainy season
– Hatta Heritage Village